Tuesday, February 25, 2014

MATS bootcamp -assignment 1 Feb ' Cuckoo' clocks.

Quite enjoyed this project. Here is my submission. The end product was an iPhone cover.
Should you fancy viewing the full gallery from all participants then please use this link

A Cuckoo's Place | © 2014 Gill Eggleston

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day is here....with love from me and all of us working withBelieve Creative Studio

... hopefully you have arrived from Rosie's blog feeling a little more buoyed than usual on this romance-filled day of St. Valentine (and moreover, you have a spring in your step after opening some nice mail from an admirer??)

So to continue the 'feel-good' vibe of the day we are having a little bit of fun as part of the BCS team by enjoying a mini blog hop from designer to designer - here is a little post from me to wish you a....

© 2014 Gill Eggleston | Love is Loopy! 

So have a fabulous day! Full of fun, romance and flowers....

To enjoy your next heartfelt message from another Believe Creative Studio guest designer please click here to visit Miranda Mol

Pattern Addict x

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

West Elm + Minted Competition - now open for voting

A late notice about this competition with Minted.com and West Elm caught my attention but I had matter of hours to enter anyhow it seemed too good an opportunity to pass up!

The competition is now open for voting and I would love to make the top 30 if you are able to vote a big thanks in advance -  http://www.minted.com/designer/gilleggleston

Here are the designs I have submitted:

© 2014 Gill Eggleston | Glints of Colour

© 2014 Gill Eggleston | Inflight

© 2014 Gill Eggleston | Saharan Sands

© 2014 Gill Eggleston | Shifting Sands

© 2014 Gill Eggleston | Tempestuous Seas

Thursday, January 30, 2014

New and now live for Modern Yardage

A new collection live and for sale from Modern Yardage 

Palaiseau Parade 'Summer Mood' for SS14

Kess Inhouse - new for SS14

Just before Christmas I was part of group of a few designers working to a SS14 yellow/grey/teal brief for Kess Inhouse

The rendered images are now up and products for sale - here are some of the designs just as cushions but available is a broad spread of home products. Light and bright for Spring-Summer..
Linford for Kess Inhouse | © 2014 Gill Eggleston

Drift for Kess Inhouse | © 2014 Gill Eggleston

Kalahari for Kess Inhouse | © 2014 Gill Eggleston

Barengo for Kess Inhouse | © 2014 Gill Eggleston

Jaggi for Kess Inhouse | © 2014 Gill Eggleston

Benito Yellow/Grey for Kess Inhouse | © 2014 Gill Eggleston

Carnaby for Kess Inhouse | © 2014 Gill Eggleston

Chalene for Kess Inhouse | © 2014 Gill Eggleston

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Leighton Gardens Collection for Modern Yardage now live

Leighton Gardens Collection - Carnival palette

Thrilled to announce that my first collection for Modern Yardage is now live - you can view/shop for it here

Each design is in three scales - S,M,L so is suitable for a myriad of craft and quilting projects.

Pattern Addict x

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My work is off to Indigo (Paris Edition) Feb 18-20 with Believe Creative Studio

A little bit of rather exciting news to announce this week...
I will be part of Believe Creative Studio at Indigo in February as a guest designer.
It is a thrill for me - the first time my work will have been exhibited at a trade show as the past I have usually been on the other side of the table looking at work to purchase!

Rosie Dekker-Martinez, who runs the studio has put together her 'dream team' and I am chuffed to say I am one of them.

There are thirteen of us - all handpicked for our design aesthetic and creativity.

Currently we are all working hard on some specific design briefs for a early February deadline.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Design 1st Aid

About 18 months I was having a complete disconnect with being a creative designer and trying to work with CAD (albeit as a tool). I tried and tried to work just on my PC (then it was PC and not Mac) using Illustrator to design from scratch…gah…it wasn't working for me at all - in fact I think I hit DELETE and binned more or less 500 not great designs in one go.
I got out my pens again and got back into sketching again in a big way, plus championed the how to make designs via Illustrator without losing too much of the integrity…

To boost my new found ardour for creating again I searched around and found a course last September- an e-course called ABSPD (A Business of Surface Pattern Design) so enrolled for a 5 week refresher - mostly to recharge my creative batteries but also to fill in those gaps of knowledge from working solely in industry.

For me it was a kind of design 'first aid' really and today I summed it up in words (my first hand lettering project really too) and how it helped me reconnect with my passion for design (and designing).

I have entered my offering into the competition being run by ABSPD to win a place on one of the other modules...

'Design 1st Aid' © All rights reserved. Gill Eggleston

Back bloggin'

Once again a long old gap between posts…my poor old blog. It is a good job it is not a living and breathing thing or I would be done for neglect!

Time has taken over yet again. Since my last post I have been creating four collections for Modern Yardage, so they will be coming soon, plus some brand new work for A Fresh Bunch has been on the drawing board - illustration work - new character art. This is something I haven't done for a considerable time so it is have been quite good fun.

Kess Inhouse has also now uploaded my new designs : Nico | Jerome | Emmanuel | Arnaud so they are available as of now - not just in cushions I hasten to add but a plethora of household products.

To see the full gamut you can visit Kess Inhouse

Pattern Addict x

Friday, October 4, 2013

The brand new Find New Designers goes live...

...So after what has been a mammoth amount of work and a lot of stress Find New Designers brand new website is now live and ready to meet its public.

I do hope it brings lots of success to all and thank you everyone having conviction in me to pull this off! There were times I did wonder if I might have bitten off more than I could chew.

A special thanks to my Dutch friend Miranda Mol for really stepping up to the plate and helping me out getting the Little White Book of Surface Pattern Designers -second edition actually online. She was a complete champ and has given up some valuable designing hours to help me out!

Pattern Addict x